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Improving the lives of patients by collecting medical data, doing more research, and exploring new ideas.

The C.W. Bill Young Cell Transplantation Program (CWBYCTP) provides information on potential adult volunteer marrow donors and donated cord blood units, as well as outcomes data from recipients of bone marrow and cord blood transplants. The Donor Registry collects information on potential adult volunteer marrow donors and donated marrow and cord blood units. The Stem Cell Therapeutic Outcomes Database (SCTOD) is a scientific database that collects information on patients who received stem cell therapeutic products such as bone marrow and cord blood from a donor. The SCTOD data are used to provide relevant scientific information to the public, to encourage medical research, and to create an annual report on patient outcomes across the transplant centers in the United States. 

To learn more about the donor and transplant activity and outcomes data, or to view a report, choose an option:

  • Transplant Survival Rates – Find patient survival rates after transplant.
  • Donation and Transplantation Statistics – View graphs and read reports about adult marrow donors and cord blood units, numbers of transplants performed, and transplant outcomes.
  • About Data – Learn more about the Donor Registry and SCTOD. 
  • Request and Cite Data – Understand how to request data, including biological samples collected through the CWBYCTP, and how to cite CWBYCTP data on the webpage.

Additional resources

Listing of cord blood banks that provide cord blood units for pre-clinical and clinical research can be located at the Cord Blood Units for Research page. 

More information on the research studies and presentations using SCTOD data can be found here: