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The Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Acts include two components:

C.W. Bill Young Cell Transplantation Program

The CWBYCTP operates through three major contracts. CWBYCTP awarded three contracts: the Single Point of Access-Coordinating Center (SPA-CC), the Stem Cell Therapeutic Outcomes Database (SCTOD) and the Office of Patient Advocacy (OPA). The SPA-CC contract is comprised of a merger of the Bone Marrow Coordinating Center (BMCC), Cord Blood Coordinating Center (CBCC), and Single Point of Access (SPA) functions. Prior to September 2017, the BMCC and CBCC functions operated as two separate contracts, whereas the SPA function operated conjointly with the OPA function as one contract.


The three CWBYCTP contracts work together to support the overall goals to:

  • Recruit a diverse population of adult volunteer marrow and blood stem cell donors.
  • Coordinate a national network that links transplant centers with the donor centers and cord blood banks.
  • Develop and maintain an electronic information system that facilitates searches and transplants.
  • Support patients and families throughout the transplant process.
  • Collect medical data so that research can improve transplants and help patients to live longer, healthier lives.

National Cord Blood Inventory (NCBI)

The Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Acts of 2005, 2010, 2015, and 2021 require the Secretary of the HHS to contract with qualified public cord blood banks to create a National Cord Blood Inventory (NCBI). Although the NCBI is a separate part of the CWBYCTP, its goals and requirements are closely aligned with the other CWBYCTP components and contractors. The NCBI’s goal is to collect at least 150,000 new cord blood units. These cord blood units must meet specific criteria and are made available for transplantation through the CWBYCTP.

For an overview of the NCBI requirements, see National Cord Blood Inventory Contract Summary.

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