Membership Structure

The Council membership includes:

  • representatives of marrow donor centers and marrow transplant centers;
  • representatives of cord blood banks and participating birthing hospitals;
  • recipients of a bone marrow transplant;
  • recipients of a cord blood transplant;
  • persons who require such transplants;
  • family members of such a recipient or family members of a patient who has requested the assistance of the Program in searching for an unrelated donor of bone marrow or cord blood;
  • persons with expertise in bone marrow and cord blood transplantation;
  • persons with expertise in typing, matching, and transplant outcome data analysis;
  • persons with expertise in the social sciences;
  • basic scientists with expertise in the biology of adult stem cells;
  • ethicists, hematology and transfusion medicine researchers with expertise in adult blood stem cells;
  • persons with expertise in cord blood processing; and
  • members of the general public.
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