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  2. March 3, 2016

March 3, 2016

Agenda (PDF - 74 KB)
Meeting Summary
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Recommendation 28

The Council recommends that HRSA adopt a funding framework that incentivizes the collection of high TNC units for a diverse population and that recognizes higher associated costs, and that:

  • Provides greater incentives to add units to the inventory that have higher TNC, including for minorities, which are associated with better outcomes
  • Recognizes growth and diversity of inventory since its inception and creates incentive to shift banking toward most-needed units
  • Recognizes that per unit reimbursement will need to reflect higher cost per unit banked for higher TNC, minority units
  • Recognizes the need to expand collection activity
  • Acknowledges that fewer total units will be banked

Recommendation 29

The Council recognizes the serious financial challenges confronting the cord blood bank sector.  In order to assure sustainable cord blood bank collection and supply for the future, the Council recommends that HRSA engage experts to conduct a study of the economics of the US cord blood banking system with the intent to identify current business practices and make recommendations for ways to strengthen the financial operation of this sector to assure long term function.

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